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Modernizing mobile: Pro·Line case study

When undergoing a recent modernization of its Pro·Line website,, Atlantic Lottery was faced with a challenge. They knew status quo was not an option. How could they think differently to bring about real and meaningful change for players?
“Pro·Line really operates in a competitive environment.

A focus on innovation guides Atlantic Lottery into the future

On Oct. 1, 2018, CEO and president Brent Scrimshaw released Atlantic Lottery’s 2017-18 Annual Report to the public at an event at Volta Labs, a tech startup hub in Halifax.
The release of the annual report plays an important role in Atlantic Lottery’s mandate to be transparent and accountable to its owners – the four provincial governments – and to the people of Atlantic Canada,

Small but mighty: “The Little Lottery That Could”

Atlantic Canada – with its scenic coastlines, smaller cities and friendly people – may not seem like an obvious place for a culture of innovation to thrive.
But for Kristin Root, Atlantic Lottery’s vice-president of information technology, the region’s simplicity may be exactly what helps East Coast companies adapt and succeed in the ever-changing world around them.