About The Ticket

The Ticket offers a behind-the-scenes look at Atlantic Lottery. You will find stories about innovative business practices, giving back to communities, helping to inform players and the winning experience.

Stories are divided into four main categories of content:

  • Now + Next covers topics about how Atlantic Lottery runs its business, including how the company is looking towards the future, and the role of innovation in growing the business and staying relevant.
  • Responsible & Regulated is about responsible gaming, corporate and social responsibility, and the safety and integrity of Atlantic Lottery’s products.
  • Community Proud captures how Atlantic Lottery gives back to the communities it serves, through sponsorships, festivals and events.
  • Atlantic Wins provides a look at multiple facets of the winning experience.

You will also find photos, videos, and fast facts about Atlantic Lottery.

This site is intended to share our corporate story, and give people an in-depth glimpse at Atlantic Lottery.

Stories are written by Atlantic Lottery employees and new stories will be posted twice monthly.