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Experience the benefits of playing at, including personal safety during the COVID-19 pandemic

With the post-holiday increase in COVID-19 cases surging, Atlantic Canadians are staying home and working hard to help to stop the spread of the virus.
Many players already use for the convenience and benefits it offers. For those that wish to avoid public outings and in-store lineups,

Building relevance with a new generation

Like most other industries, many lottery companies are facing an important challenge: How to attract a new, younger generation to their products in order to build a stronger and more sustainable customer base?
It’s a question that Craig Storey, Atlantic Lottery’s chief commercial officer, was recently asked to tackle when he was among the global lottery industry leaders participating in the World Gaming Executive Summit,

Strengthening the bond between digital and retail

Atlantic Lottery has talked a lot about how it is undergoing corporate change to become a more digital organization. Nevertheless, the commitment to its retail partners and retail business has not waivered. So how do the digital and retail channels intersect?
Strengthening the bond between retail and digital platforms is an important focus area for Atlantic Lottery,

Playing to make a difference

Atlantic Lottery recently released its latest annual report, which revealed $395.4 million was returned to the four Atlantic provinces in the 2019-20 fiscal year.
The annual report plays an important role in Atlantic Lottery’s mandate to be transparent and accountable to its owners – the four provincial governments – and to the people of Atlantic Canada,