Community Proud

United Way’s Day of Caring holds true to its name for AL employees

United Way has been Atlantic Lottery’s charity of choice for more than 25 years. This charity is close to the hearts of many AL employees and they love to give back in as many ways possible. While employees donate through payroll deductions and participate in various fundraisers throughout the year, they also like to give their time and labour.

Each year, Atlantic Lottery assembles a team of employee volunteers from various provinces to go out into their communities and volunteer their time for United Way’s Day of Caring.

United Way describes the Day of Caring as a day to create impact and change across the region. Teams of corporate employees gather to complete meaningful, hands-on projects that will support local organizations that make a significant contribution in our communities.

Projects vary annually, but this year AL employees did everything from gardening to building a complete shed – in just one day!