Top 10 things to do when you’ve got a winning ticket that’s going to change your life

by Carla Bourque
  1. Autograph please! Sign your ticket so Atlantic Lottery knows it belongs to you.
  2. Pay attention! Check the winning numbers on or head to your local retailer for confirmation.
  3. Make it official! Call Atlantic Lottery and tell them, “I think I won big”. Their teams will talk you through it.
  4. Do your happy dance! Of course it’s exciting!
  5. Smile! Get your photo with your BIG cheque.
  6. Check your bank balance! Feels pretty good I bet.
  7. Have a think! Retirement? Cottage? Travel? It’s all on the table.
  8. Make a plan! From dreams to “do-it” lists, decide what your priorities are.
  9. Take some time! Everything doesn’t have to change right now. Think about the big decisions.
  10. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!