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The top 10 subjects Atlantic Canadians just can’t get enough photos of

by Guest Contributor

Sunsets, covered bridges, dogs on a beach and those purple flowers on the side of the road you often forget the name of. What do all of these things have in common? Many Atlantic Canadians have photos of these subjects stored on their camera rolls.

Atlantic Lottery recently held an Instagram contest called #AtlanticCanadaProud, asking users to share their favourite photos of Atlantic Canada for a chance to win a Staycation Prize Package, including a DSLR camera and $1,500 in gift cards (congrats to our winner!).

As it turns out, Atlantic Canadians really enjoy taking photos in and around their communities. Over 600 entries were received for the contest, which ran from June 16-29. Each photo was unique, but even in the early days of the contest, a few major themes became very clear.

On that note, here’s a look at the top 10 things Atlantic Canadians seem to enjoy taking photos of.

1. Sunsets/sunrises

By far the most popular contest submission – and we loved every one of them. Atlantic Canada just does sunsets and sunrises right.


2. Fog

Ah, fog – there’s nothing like it. Who doesn’t love a nice, 30-degree day inland only to need a winter jacket 15 minutes down the road along the coast?


3. Lighthouses

We all have our favourites. Reminder: stay off the black rocks!


4. Reflections

This was a popular photo choice. Atlantic Canadians love using calm water for some unique photo opportunities.

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Do you look for symmetry? 🦋 🏖

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5. Lupins

We’ve all pondered the same question: Is that ditch too deep for me to get those lupins?


6. Boats

Boats! Boats! Boats! We all love our boats. So many colours. So many varieties.


7. Dogs on a beach

Do you have a dog? Do you live in Atlantic Canada? If yes, you likely visit a local beach with your furry friend from time to time.


8. Coloured skies

This may technically be a subcategory of sunsets/sunrises, but we received so many awesome colourful sky photos that putting them into their own category was absolutely necessary.

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I got out last night and took just 6 photos, all long exposures. They ranged from 4 seconds to just under 8 minutes in length. It’s neat seeing what you can capture as colours change and fade into the night. . . Happy Friday👍 . . . . #sunset #upontherightcoast #capturingmoments #forlittlebits #igerssaintjohn #saintawesome #nbalways #explorenb #total_mypink #explorepage #sunset_pics #bluehour #exploreobserveshare #raw_longexposure #sunsetshots #sunset_madness #negativemag #stademagazine #longexposure #artoftheday #littleboatbigtide #water_perfection #photographer #photographie #photographeveryday #artofvisuals #sky_sea_sunset #sky_clouds_sunsets #yourshotphotographer #atlanticcanadaproud

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9. Icebergs

Rare to see, rare to get a photo of. Thanks to everyone in Newfoundland and Labrador who submitted iceberg photos because they are certainly “cool” to see (pun intended).


10. Covered bridges

Where’s your nearest covered bridge? If you have an answer to that question, you might just be Atlantic Canadian.

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As I attempt to get more Milky Way photos, I’m seeing how much planning, patience and luck is required. I also struggle to edit the photo in such a way that allows for detail, while keeping true to the reality it’s night.I could barely see my car less than about 150 feet away from where I was shooting haha! Regardless, I’m really enjoying the challenge and process! Here are a couple single exposure shots from last night. . . Happy Saturday👍 . . . . #littleboatbigtide #upontherightcoast #minimalzine #gominimalmag #exploretocreate #forlittlebits #solarcollective #stayandwander #myfeatureshoot #sharecangeo #mycbcnb #explorenb #saintawesome #igerssaintjohn #negativemag #stademagazine #atlanticcanadaproud #nbalways #milkywaychasers #milkyway #nightphotography #nightsky #longexposure #coveredbridge #raw_canada #milkywayphotography #milkyway_nightscapes #acquariumofstars #photopills #yourshotphotographer

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Jamie Tozer has been a part of the social media team at Atlantic Lottery since 2018. Based in Moncton, he travels around the region to capture and share social media content with Atlantic Lottery’s followers. Jamie has a master’s degree in journalism from Ryerson University.