Stacy and Sheri Wood, winners in more ways than one

Nova Scotia’s recent Set for Life top prize winners Stacy and Sheri Wood are no strangers to the winning experience.

The classic car enthusiasts are regular participants in competitions across Atlantic Canada. Winning various prestigious awards at Atlantic Nationals for more than four consecutive years, the couple have had their fair share of “wins”.

Last year, the couple entered the most challenging trial of their lives when Sheri was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was time to take a step back from regular life and concentrate on Sheri’s recovery. Surgery and chemotherapy took a lot out of the couple, but it led to their biggest win of all: Sheri is now cancer free and ready to take on the world.

Their Set for Life win was the icing on the cake for this couple. With $675,000 in the bank and a clean bill of health for Sheri, the couple is ready to focus on the future.

While Stacy is immensely proud of his 1969 Camaro, Sheri is ready for her own hot rod. The couple plans to purchase another classic car for Sheri that they can customize and take to competition.

It goes without saying, it will most certainly be a winner too.