Prizes of all sizes: Celebrating our 2023 winners

Atlantic Canadians are winning amazing prizes every day on Atlantic Lottery games and products.

Many Atlantic Canadians think of high-jackpot games like Lotto Max or Lotto 6/49 and long-standing Scratch’N Win games like Crossword or Set for Life when they hear Atlantic Lottery. However, we actually offer a huge selection of games, contests and promotions, giving our players more chances to win in so many different ways.

We award prizes of all sizes each and every day to people all across Atlantic Canada and we had so much fun celebrating our winners in 2023, we wanted to share some of their stories with you.

Kathy MacDougall won $400,000 on MEGA 360 (available as a Scratch’N Win and Instant Win game on

Kathy MacDougall of Nauwigewauk, N.B. was the second big winner of Atlantic Lottery’s new MEGA 360 game, getting her chance to spin the big wheel and walking away with a $400,000 prize.

The big wheel has prizes up to $500,000 but any player who spins is guaranteed to walk away with a minimum of $100,000.

“When I found out I would win at least $100,000, I thought, ‘Anything more than that is just a bonus,’” MacDougall said. “Now, we’ve won four times that amount and it’s just so incredible.”


Phillip Gallant won $56,105 on Pro•Line

Well actually, $56,105 was only one of the three prizes that Phillip Gallant of Charlottetown, P.E.I. won on ProLine in October. He also won $17,100 and $17,263 for a combined total of $90,468 won on ProLine!


Judith Locke won $2 million on 20X Supreme

Judith Locke of Mount Pearl, N.L. won the top prize of $2 million on the 20X Supreme Scratch’N Win ticket.

Locke said her winnings would allow her to help her family and take them all to celebrate together at her favourite restaurant, Swiss Chalet.


Nicole Comeau won $81K on iBingo

Nicole Comeau of Tabusintac, N.B. occasionally enjoys playing iBingo on as she can participate from the comfort of her own home. She hadn’t even realized she was a big winner following her final game of the night until someone tagged her username in the game chat to congratulate her on winning the jackpot.

Comeau said her prize money would help with renovations and visiting family in Toronto.


Bertram Drover won $100K on TAG

Bertram Drover of Lower Sackville, N.S. won $100,000 playing TAG. Inspired by a recent act of kindness, Bertram and his wife decided to give back to his local homeless shelter by using his winnings to donate propane heater tanks to help with heating during the winter months. This win will also help with retirement and supporting their grandchildren.


Julio Roy won the $5M Classic Jackpot with Lotto 6/49

Julio Roy of Acadieville, N.B. was commuting more than two hours to work each week before taking that same long drive back home. At least that was the case until he won the Lotto 6/49 Classic Jackpot worth $5 million.

Thanks to Roy’s big win, he decided to take an extended leave from work to spend time with his family and ponder the future of his career, including the possibility of starting his own business.


Gerry Tobin won $592K on Icy Clusters

Gerry Tobin of Conche N.L. usually enjoys playing Criss Cross or Set for Life but decided to play a new game and tried Icy Clusters. Trying something new paid off with a $592,456 win playing Icy Clusters on

Tobin plans to use his winnings to renovate his home, purchase his dream boat and share with his son.


Marie McCarthy won $31M on Lotto Max

Marie McCarthy of New Waterford, N.S. was the winner of a $31-million Lotto Max jackpot thanks to a ticket purchased for her as a birthday gift from her grandson, Jeff.

“Jeff checked the ticket and he hollered down, ‘You got all the numbers,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, right,’” Marie said. “He came running down the stairs with his phone out checking it and kept saying I had all the numbers.”

McCarthy’s plans for her winnings included sharing a lot of the prize money with her loved ones, helping her immediately family, paying off the mortgages of all her nieces and nephews and purchasing a new-to-her vintage Cadillac.


Randy Graham won $28K on Salsa Bingo

Randy Graham of Summerside, P.E.I. is a regular Salsa Bingo player as it is one of his favourite games. He was thrilled when he realized he won $28,000 on the game.

He plans to use some of his prize money to purchase a new living room set where we can watch his favourite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, play all their games.

Jules Gittens won $137K on Vegas Cash Drop Jackpots

Jules Gittens of Port au Port East, N.L. won $137,975 playing the instant win game Vegas Cash Drop Jackpots on

Gittens said the prize money is life-changing for him and plans to use his winnings to pay off his student loan debt, fix his vehicle and visit his home-province of Ontario.


Ginette Breau and Raymond Boucher won $10,000 each on Keno

Ginette Breau and Raymond Boucher of Saint-Antoine, N.B. purchased their Keno tickets at home in New Brunswick before leaving for a trip to Alberta. When they arrived back home, they scanned one of their tickets on the Atlantic Lottery mobile app and saw “Major Win” appear on the screen. Breau then realized they had each won $10,000 as they play the same numbers.

The pair plan to save their winnings to use toward their next big trip.

Jessie Butts won $250K on Hit or Miss

Jessie Butts of Glace Bay, N.S. took home the $250,000 top prize after playing Hit or Miss – a daily draw game that offers players two chances to win. Players can win up to $25,000 instantly in-store, and again with a nightly draw for $250,000 by matching all or none of the 12 numbers drawn. Butts won her $250,000 by matching all of the numbers on the nightly draw.

“I jumped out of bed and scanned my ticket on the app and it said, “Major Winner,” Butts said. “It was unreal, total shock. I’ve never experienced anything in my life like that before.”


Samuel Mercer won $500K on Daily Grand

It was just a regular day for Samuel Mercer of Bay Roberts, N.L. until he noticed a notification from while getting ready for work. When he checked his account, Mercer saw he had won the second prize playing Daily Grand. The Daily Grand second prize offers winners a choice of either $25,000 a year for life or a lump sum cash equivalent of $500,000. Mercer opted to receive the $500,000 payout.

Plans for his winnings include a vacation somewhere warm, purchasing a new vehicle and saving for retirement.


As you can see, Atlantic Lottery gave away a lot of big cheques over the last year thanks to a number of different games! Looking back not only fills us with a lot of joy but also makes us very excited for what 2024 has in store for our players!

If you want to learn more about the many different games available from Atlantic Lottery, take some time to explore or ask your favourite lottery retailer.