Community Proud

Playing to make a difference

Beginning this week, you might start seeing a new campaign from Atlantic Lottery on your TV and social media feeds. However, it won’t be promoting upcoming jackpots or featuring a winner’s giant cheque, it will be putting the spotlight on you.

“The Difference You Make” series of videos focuses on the little things Atlantic Canadians do every day that make a big difference to other people around them.

For Karen Aucoin, corporate brand manager, it’s a theme that fits perfectly with Atlantic Lottery’s reason for existing.

“Atlantic Canadians do so many acts of kindness every day without even realizing it,” she said. “The idea was to really emphasize that the reason we exist is to give back to Atlantic Canada – we were created as a company in 1976 to be able to do that. I think that story needs to be told.”

Featuring people performing random acts of kindness – like helping a stranger carry a couch across the road, paying for someone else’s laundry or giving up your seat on the bus – the videos help bring to life the notion that Atlantic Canadians always want to help each other out and make a difference in their communities.


‘People are always surprised’

Aucoin hopes this acts as an authentic reminder of why Atlantic Lottery exists. As a publicly owned company, Atlantic Lottery not only keeps 100% of its profit in the region to help fund things like health care, education and infrastructure, it also promotes informed play, is transparent about information like where the money goes and how the games work, and offers tips and tools to help keep play fun.

“It’s good to provide people with the right information so they can make informed decisions about spending their disposable income. Having that information is so important and I think it makes a difference when people know they can feel proud about playing with us,” she said. “People are always surprised. They don’t realize the positive impacts that come from their play.”

Atlantic Lottery’s impact goes beyond returning its profit to the provincial governments. It also creates direct and indirect benefits across the region, including the prizes awarded to winners, its employees who work and live in our communities, its operations and relationships with other businesses, and the retailer partners all over Atlantic Canada.

“There’s no better time than the situation we’re currently experiencing to share this information with Atlantic Canadians,” Aucoin said. “Hopefully we can have a significant positive impact at a time of critical need. And that makes me want to work even harder to help see that happen. All of our employees would be so proud to play a role.”