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Playing to make a difference

Atlantic Lottery recently released its latest annual report, which revealed $395.4 million was returned to the four Atlantic provinces in the 2019-20 fiscal year.

The annual report plays an important role in Atlantic Lottery’s mandate to be transparent and accountable to its owners – the four provincial governments – and to the people of Atlantic Canada, since 100 per cent of our profit stays right here in the region to help fund services essential to Atlantic Canadians, like health care, education and infrastructure.

Of the total profits in 2019-20, Atlantic Lottery returned $131 million to Nova Scotia, followed by $124.5 million to New Brunswick, $121.1 million to Newfoundland and Labrador, and $18.7 million to Prince Edward Island.

“The work done by the team at Atlantic Lottery has always been imperative to help build a stronger Atlantic Canada,” said Chris Keevill, president and CEO of Atlantic Lottery. “We are committed to delivering on our mandate of returning 100 per cent of profits to our shareholders, while also contributing in other ways to the communities we serve, by supporting important causes and grassroots events around the region each year.”

In addition to Atlantic Lottery’s profit and other financial indicators, the annual report includes other information of interest to players, like the number of major prize winners in each province and a breakdown of how the money they spend on their lottery purchases is used by Atlantic Lottery.

The report also outlines our social responsibility commitment, which is an essential part of every game we offer, every event we sponsor and every decision we make. This information is explored in more detail in the 2019-20 Community Impact Report.