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Our Top CEO, Brent Scrimshaw

Atlantic Lottery President & CEO Brent Scrimshaw is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of not only the organization he leads, but that of Atlantic Canada as a whole.

To make that happen, Scrimshaw says it’s key for Atlantic Lottery to put the player at the heart of everything it does and, under his leadership, that customer-first focus has become a key part of the corporation’s strategy and culture.

“I want Atlantic Lottery to live its mandate of providing regulated and responsible gaming products—this is its competitive advantage—while at the same time being recognized for its competitive strength and performance in the marketplace,” Scrimshaw told Atlantic Business Magazine’s May/June issue.

“I want this to be the place where the best talent chooses to work.”

It is for this customer and employee focus, along with many other reasons, that Scrimshaw was recognized again this year as one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEOs. He accepted his award at the Top 50 CEO Awards Gala at the Fredericton Convention Centre on May 9.

Nominees for Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEO Awards are judged according to their corporate, community and industry involvement; their company’s growth in recent years; and their responses to various managerial challenges.

Scrimshaw has said that his success is a reflection of the team he leads. Employees at ALC know they can always count on the support of their President & CEO, who allows them the space to excel at what they do.

Since accepting the position of President & CEO of Atlantic Lottery in 2011, Scrimshaw has received a Top 50 CEO Award five times: in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019. As he has now received this honour five times, he has been officially inducted into Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame.