New lottery game is a big hit with players

by Jennifer Tulk

In the 11 weeks since Atlantic Lottery launched its newest game – Hit or Miss – five top prizes of $250,000 have been won as well as two top instant prizes of $25,000.

Three top prizes have been awarded in Newfoundland and Labrador, one top prize in Cape Breton, with the fifth prize still to be claimed in Nova Scotia.

One ticket, two chances to win

Hit or Miss is the second Watch’N Win game for Atlantic Lottery, launched on Sept. 30, 2019. The other Watch’N Win game currently available is Poker Lotto.

Hit or Miss is a daily draw game, with a chance to win up to $25,000 instantly and a top prize of $250,000 in the nightly draw. For $2, players can simply ask the retailer for a Hit or Miss ticket and the lottery terminal will randomly choose their 12 numbers from 1 to 24. Players can win the top prize by matching all 12 numbers or missing all 12 numbers.

Winning on the Rock

Newfoundland and Labrador’s first Hit or Miss winner was 36-year-old Kayla Hynes of St. Jude’s. On Oct. 24, Hynes decided to buy a ticket because she prefers to play games with good odds of winning. The overall odds of winning a prize with Hit or Miss are 1 in 4.

“I always dreamt about winning the lottery,” Hynes said. “I never thought it would happen – but it did!”

Having heard about Hynes’ win, 29-year-old Matt Green and 26-year-old Karren Hunt, both from Ming’s Bight, bought a ticket together for the Nov. 25 nightly draw and also won $250,000.

70-year-old Sharon Culp of Holyrood wanted to try a new lottery game. After a suggestion from the retailer, Culp purchased a Hit or Miss ticket for the Dec. 3 draw and hit all 12 of her numbers.

“I’ve never won anything before in my life,” Culp said when her ticket was scanned and revealed she had won $250,000.

Hitting it big

The most recent winners hit all 12 of their numbers on the Dec. 13 draw. Sheldon Ferguson and Cindy Reynolds, both of North River, Cape Breton, plan on spending their winnings paying off their mortgage and some other debts.

Sandy DeWolfe, Atlantic Lottery’s Brand Manager for National and Regional Games, said players are excited about the new game.

“Players are enjoying the Watch’N Win aspect of the game and the anticipation of maybe winning up to $25,000 right on the spot,” DeWolfe said.  “And the fact that we have had so many top prize winners from the nightly draws over the last several weeks is really generating a lot of excitement with our players.”

A $250,000 top prize remains unclaimed in Dartmouth, N.S. from the Oct. 3 nightly draw.