Responsible & Regulated

New Horizons: Contributing to a sustainable future in healthy play

Responsible gambling is one of Atlantic Lottery’s core values. RG and healthy play are key focus areas for the organization and a consideration woven into the fabric of every game, program, practice and advertisement offered to our players.

In recognition of Atlantic Lottery’s commitment to healthy play, the corporation has earned two world-class RG accreditations: the World Lottery Association’s Level 4 Certification and the Responsible Gambling Council’s RG Check.

While RG is a focus across the entire organization, our Corporate Social Responsibility team has the ultimate responsibility in this area and works tirelessly to ensure Atlantic Lottery exemplifies the best practices in the field.

As a leader in this field, Atlantic Lottery is often asked to share learnings industry-wide. Recently, Stephanie Ryan, Atlantic Lottery’s director of CSR and talent management, spoke as a subject matter expert on evolving supports for players at risk at the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) New Horizons in Responsible Gambling Conference.

Along with Ryan McCarthy, BCLC’s director of player health, Aaron GlynWilliams, Ontario Lottery and Gaming’s director of policy, research and strategy, and moderator Liz Lusk, Greo Evidence Insights CEO, the group discussed the identification of high-risk players and how to better support them.

Ryan said that despite being considered a subject matter expert, there is always more to learn and discussion, much like the one generated by the panel, is exactly how more growth opportunities will be identified.

“We believe in continuous improvement and are always trying to learn more about what are effective and impactful ways to engage with our players,” Ryan said. “We see a great deal of opportunity to work with the other lottery jurisdictions across Canada in order to learn from each other and grow our programs together.”

Other conference sessions and panels included topics such as addressing the stigma, emerging forms of gambling, gambling literacy and player education. Ryan noted that online gambling in particular is a rapidly evolving industry and the education opportunities are endless for those with a passion for healthy play.

As an organization that exists to help build a stronger region, Atlantic Lottery believes a focus on healthy play is the only way to ensure a sustainable future that we can be proud of.

“Encouraging and supporting healthy play will always be an ongoing effort that we will remain highly committed to,” Ryan said. “Continuously improving our programs and practices as the industry continues to change is exactly how we will remain successful in supporting our players long-term.”