N.B. lobster factory worker takes home $600K online casino prize

Jacqueline Goguen of Saint-Antoine, N.B. enjoys playing games on when her family members are at work and she has some quiet time to herself. During a recent visit to play on the Atlantic Lottery mobile app, Goguen missed an important notification and was unaware that she had won a $600,389 prize on MegaJackpots Mistress of Egypt.

“I saw I had a phone call from Atlantic Lottery, so I called back and she told me I won MegaJackpots and I said, ‘How much?’ and she said, ‘$600,000,’” Goguen said. “So I ran downstairs, told my husband and daughter ‘I won the jackpot’ and they were so surprised they thought it was a scam.”

Goguen called her brother and several friends, but everyone had trouble believing she could have won such a large prize.

“They were surprised, very surprised,” Goguen said, “A lot of people didn’t believe me because they said, ‘You can’t win that big playing $1.20 bets.’”

Every wager on MegaJackpots Mistress of Egypt offers a chance to win the progressive jackpot, but every spin that doesn’t win the top prize has a chance to win again with a behind-the-scenes Second Chance draw. Goguen won the 600,389 jackpot thanks to the Second Chance draw.

“I can’t believe it,” Goguen said. “I thought you needed to go to Las Vegas to win big like that.”

While Goguen had tried a number of other games on previously, her big win came the first time she played MegaJackpots Mistress of Egypt thanks to a recommendation from her brother.

Goguen plans to use her prize money to build a new home, take a family vacation and reduce her working hours to part time.

“This means a lot less stress. I work in a lobster factory and never get to enjoy summer because of the long hours,” Goguen said. “We can finally take a break and enjoy the season.”

While enjoying working less, Goguen also plans to cross a few items off her bucket list, including seeing the Blue Jays in Toronto and a trip to Las Vegas, where she hopes to win big once again.