Responsible & Regulated

Offering responsible products to help keep gambling fun and entertaining

Responsible gambling is core to Atlantic Lottery’s values. Our mandate is to provide regulated and responsible products for Atlantic Canadians who choose to play and it’s a goal we take seriously – whether you play our games in-person or online.

The Atlantic Lottery team continues to implement product enhancements regularly, big and small. That’s why we recently added two new responsible gaming (RG) features to our website – to help Atlantic Canadians make sure their gaming remains fun and responsible.

The first feature was the new “time limit” option. This gives players the ability to set their own time limit on their session as an added tool to manage their play. Users can choose a limit of anywhere from 30 minutes up to four and a half hours. Once a player reaches their selected time limit, they will be logged out of their account and be unable to purchase or play games for 24 hours.

The second addition to is the new “mandatory break in play” feature, which automatically logs players out after a fixed time period has passed, requiring them to log back into their account before they can resume play.

Denise Pettis, manager of corporate social responsibility at Atlantic Lottery, says the new and existing RG features help to ensure offers players the ability to better manage their activity.

“Part of the fun of our games is knowing your limits and playing responsibly,” she says. “Making it easy to take a break from the games and actively encouraging players to do so is one way to give them the opportunity to reflect on their activity.”

These new features are recommended by worldwide RG experts. They join the existing features for users, including the ability to take a 24-hour break – during which time you can sign in to your account but cannot deposit, wager or withdraw funds – and setting weekly deposit limits and wager limits. Players can also choose to use the self-exclusion tool to take a break from gambling and voluntary ban themselves from for a period of 6, 12, 24 or 36 months. In addition, all account holders must pass a rigorous, third-party age-verification process before they can play games or buy lottery tickets online.

As part of its overall efforts to offer regulated and responsible gaming, Atlantic Lottery provides players with PlayWise educational resources to help keep their activities fun and informed. This includes materials that explain how games work, dispel common myths, lay out the odds of winning, self-assessment tools and access to resources for players experiencing problems.

Even as more players enjoy our products online, Atlantic Lottery is and always will be committed to world-class RG practices. Planning for the next enhancements is already underway, so stay tuned for even more updates later in 2019.