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Helping our players better understand their play, on

Healthy play has always been a central focus area for us at Atlantic Lottery. These important considerations to help support player health are assessed daily and integrated into every game, program, practice and even every advertisement that is offered to our players.

To be truly successful in promoting healthy play, it is vital that we first support our players in understanding their own play and how to manage it. We know that each and every player is the best person to evaluate their own play – we just want to make sure doing so is as easy as possible.

That’s why we are very excited about some new tools that have been developed for and our mobile app that give our players better insights and awareness into to how they play.

First, I’ll mention our existing PlayWise Rating tool. This tool has been available on for some time now, providing players with a personal and confidential play rating based on their activity on over the last 30 days. Impacted by factors like amounts deposited, the number of deposits made, average time spent playing and more, a player will be assigned a low, moderate or high-risk rating. Players can even improve their rating by completing tasks such as setting session time and wager limits, taking breaks from play, and withdrawing funds from their account when they win.

The new features we are proud to announce give our players the ability to access personal statistics and helpful messages related to their play.

The personal statistics made available to players include information on their recent play behaviour compared to the previous 30-day period and insights on their activity, like: wins/losses, amount deposited, amount withdrawn, and more.

The new messaging tool will send confidential messages directly to players related to their play and advise them of certain events. These will serve as helpful reminders, observations of change in play behaviour and tips on how to keep their play healthy.

These new tools aim to help players better understand their PlayWise Rating and encourage the use of the numerous other tools available on to help ensure a healthy play experience for everyone. All of this can be found under the My Account section on your account.

As a company highly committed to healthy, sustainable play, it’s very exciting to use new advancements in technology to allow us to do more than ever before to support our players in this way. We will continue to follow these trends and new technologies to ensure Atlantic Lottery remains ahead of the curve as a leader in the healthy play space, all while continuing to provide an elite experience to our players.