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Good gifting: appropriate presents for those under 19

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: lottery products are not an appropriate gift for those under 19 years of age.

Research has shown a connection between gambling at a young age and the potential for gambling-related concerns later in life. While lottery tickets make a quick and easy gift or stocking stuffer for adults, they should never be gifted to people younger than 19.

Responsible gambling and healthy play are core values at Atlantic Lottery, so it’s important to us that we spread this message each and every year to remind you to look for alternative gift ideas for anyone under the age of majority on your list. In fact, we join forces with our colleagues around the world each year to participate in the Gift Responsibly Campaign to help raise awareness of the risks of underage lottery use and provide tips on how to gift responsibly during the holiday season.

So, when you are pondering what to buy that special young person if your life, consider the following:

Chocolate, candy or other sweets and treats make a great easy gift – even easier than a lottery ticket since you don’t need to show the cashier your ID in order to make the purchase.

Board games, stuffed animals or other age appropriate toys are great options if you are looking for something with a little more entertainment value, while still making the responsible choice.

Sports equipment, ski passes or tickets to a hockey game are all gifts that show you care and might even provide the opportunity for you to spend some bonding time together.

There are endless options for wonderful and responsible gifts to give minors. If you’re still stumped and struggling for ideas, a gift card to a local business is always a great idea. This way, you support your community and allow that special person to have some fun by picking out their gift themselves!

Whatever you choose to give the young people in your life this holiday season, please remember that lottery products are never an appropriate gift for those under 19. To learn more about responsible gambling and understanding the risks associated with underage gambling, visit