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For she’s a jolly good Fellow

Venture for Canada and RBC Future Launch just awarded the 2019 RBC Fellowships to 15 participants from across Ontario, British Columbia and Atlantic Canada in the Venture for Canada Fellowship Program.

Atlantic Lottery is proud to share that our very own Valentina Primossi was one of the young individuals recognized as a recipient of one of these prestigious Fellowships.

Valentina, or Vale as she is more commonly known, and the other recipients were nominated based on their passion for entrepreneurship and desire to create a more innovative and inclusive Canada.

Vale has been at Atlantic Lottery’s Outpost Lab since October 2018, where she started as a Concept Designer and moved on to Innovation Associate six months later. Her role is to bring her take-charge attitude to the table as the team develops their business ideas from concept to reality. While Vale has a dream of one day setting up her own international business, she’s currently happy to be correcting her co-workers and friends on the pronunciation of “bruschetta.”

Venture for Canada is a national charity that develops entrepreneurial leadership skills through training and supporting youth to work at innovative Canadian startups and small businesses.

“Each of these 15 recipients think big, have a passion for action, and work to create initiatives that address social and innovation challenges in Canada and globally,” Venture for Canada CEO Scott Stirrett said. “RBC and Venture for Canada have a shared commitment to supporting youth to thrive in the age of disruption and recognizing that entrepreneurship is essential to enhancing the wellbeing of all Canadians, from coast to coast.”