Community Proud

Festivals and events: Because it matters to communities

by Natalie Belliveau

One of Atlantic Lottery’s reasons for being is to give back to the communities they serve. After all, the corporation returns 100% of profits to its provincial shareholders.

But another way it gives back is by giving directly to festivals and events of all types and sizes across Atlantic Canada. The sponsorship marketing program supports over 100 events all across Atlantic Canada, bringing together hundreds of thousands of Atlantic Canadians every year.

“When I started overseeing the sponsorship marketing program, I knew it was going to be special,” said Karen Aucoin, Corporate and Sponsorship Brand Manager.

During a meeting, a partner shared a story they heard from one of the local sponsored event organizers, and Aucoin knew that the work she was doing was really making a difference in communities, and to the people that live there.

“For events like the Expo-Kent Fair, an event that brings folks together in Sainte-Marie-de-Kent, New Brunswick, and for so many more events sponsorships like Atlantic Lottery’s make a big difference,” said Aucoin. “It means that these festivals and events can happen – that they can exist and they have amazing impacts on their communities.”

Maria Cormier-Maillet, co-manager of the Expo-Kent Fair, said that Atlantic Lottery’s assistance helps organizers make their events even better for attendees.

“Atlantic Lottery being part of Expo-Kent was great and we are very thankful for its contribution. ALC’s sponsorship was well received as it guaranteed the Brittany Hudson Horse Trick Show would happen. It’s a popular show that had the spectators in awe during its presentation, and without that funding, it may not have happened.”

“When I heard that testimonial, I was moved,” said Aucoin. “My outlook on Atlantic Lottery’s sponsorship program completely changed.

“Our pride in sponsoring these community events is rooted in being able to provide them with the continued opportunity to exist and allowing their devoted teams and volunteers, who work tirelessly, and care so much about their communities, to bring family and friends together to celebrate.”

But it’s not only about providing funding, as Atlantic Lottery often plays an active role in the events themselves.

“We send employees and representatives out to so many of these events, and we just continue to hear all these great stories, and continue to see the impact of our contributions. It makes me proud to be a part of their success,” added Aucoin.

Check out the videos below to catch a glimpse of how the sponsorship program helped Atlantic Canadian festivals and events this year, and what it means to the communities that host them.

Check out what it means for Liverpool, Nova Scotia’s Privateer Days

Check out what it means for Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador’s Festival of Flight

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