Eyes on the prize: 10 games that paid for Atlantic Lottery players in 2021

When you hear Atlantic Lottery games, you probably think of high jackpot games like Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49. Perhaps you even think of our popular Scratch’N Win games like Crossword or Set for Life, however, Atlantic Lottery offers a huge selection of games and promotions, giving our players more chances to win in lots of different ways. We award prizes of all sizes each and every day to people all across Atlantic Canada.

To better acquaint you with more of the ways to win, we are sharing 10 stories from 2021 of prizes that were won on 10 different games:

Daryl Collins of Gambo N.L. – $20,000 home renovation on 2Chance

Daryl got a second chance that paid off big. He entered his non-winning lottery tickets into the 2Chance draw and was the winner of a $20,000 home renovation! Atlantic Lottery’s 2Chance contest gives players a second chance to win by entering winning and non-winning tickets to earn contest entries for monthly draws on a wide variety of incredible prizes.

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Louis Mallet of Le Goulet, N.B. – $644,380 on Jackpot

Atlantic Lottery’s Jackpot Scratch’N Win ticket is unique, as it offers two ways to win: instantly when you scratch and by entering your ticket on, which gives entries toward a growing jackpot. Louis was the winner of the first of three online growing jackpots! Numerous top prizes on the Jackpot series of tickets are still available, including three top prizes of $1 million on the $20 ticket and the final online jackpot, which will be drawn on March 31, 2022.

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Craig Whittle of St. John’s , N.L. – $11,004 on Pro•Line

Craig loves watching sports and keeping the games interesting by betting on the odds. Craig won $11,004 playing Pro•Line Stadium in 2021, but that wasn’t his first time! Craig has taken home several sizable Pro•Line prizes in the past, including in 2017 when he won the largest Pro•Line prize ever awarded at Atlantic Lottery, worth $188,343.75. That really would keep things interesting!

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Maureen Morris of Halifax, N.S. – $100,000 on Wheel of Fortune

Maureen played Wheel of Fortune on and managed to spin her way to a $100,000 prize! Maureen is looking forward to when it is safe to travel so she can go see a Blue Jays game, as well as take a trip to beautiful Price Edward Island.

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Sarah Barret and Jordan Power of Coley’s Point, N.L. – $50,000 on BOOM Multiplier

Sarah and Jordan were in total disbelief when they scratched their winning ticket. After using the Atlantic Lottery mobile app to scan their ticket, it started to set in that they really had the top prize of $50,000 on BOOM Multiplier! The couple was excited to put their winnings towards buying a new home and celebrating with their family.

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Marie Paule and Michael Basque of Tracadie-Sheila, N.B. – $25,000 on KENO

Marie Paule and Michael’s $25,000 KENO win came just as they were preparing to settle into retirement, making their future more that much more comfortable. The couple said they can’t wait to take a trip to Las Vegas with their family once it is safe to travel.

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Fab Five of St. John’s, N.L. – $300,000 on Triple Twist Tuesdays

A group of five friends shared an incredible bonding experience when they won $300,000 by adding Twist to their Lotto Max ticket during the Triple Twist Tuesdays promotion. You know what they say – friends who win the lottery together, stay together!

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Lori Maher of Windsor, N.S. – $1 million on Lotto 6/49 Guaranteed Prize

Did you know that there is a guaranteed $1-million winner every Lotto 6/49 draw? Lori has a set of dedicated numbers she always plays on Lotto 6/49, but it was the 10-digit computer generated Guaranteed Prize draw number included on every ticket that was a match for her. The big win meant she could finally purchase a home for her and her husband after renting for years.

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Nichola Dixon of Clarke’s Beach, N.L. – $50,000 on Tic Tac Temple

Nichola’s favourite game to play on the Atlantic Lottery mobile app is Jungle Tumble, but she recently decided to try a new game called Tic Tac Temple. Branching out and trying a new instant win game paid off big with a $50,000 win! Nichola’s plan for her prize money was to purchase a piece of land to build a cabin on. She hopes to eventually move to her cabin full time once her children are finished school.

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Arsene Cormier of Shediac, N.B. – $100,000 on Forest Fortune

Arsene, a fisherman in Shediac, N.B. won $100,000 playing Forest Fortune, an Instant Win game on Arsene said thanks to his win there would be a new fishing boat in his future!

As you can see, Atlantic Lottery awarded many prizes over the last year on lots of different games and we can hardly wait to start awarding prizes to our winners in 2022! If you want to learn more about the many different lottery games available, ask your favourite lottery retailer for recommendations, or explore