Embracing the new virtual reality

Whether it was for keeping in touch with the grandkids or holding team meetings while working from home, video calls suddenly became a big part of many of our lives when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Atlantic Canada.

That was just as true for us at Atlantic Lottery as it was for everyone else. As our winners specialist, Christian Richard usually loves meeting players and handing them their giant cheque face-to-face. But when we made changes to ensure wins were processed in a safe and secure manner, Atlantic Lottery needed to find a new way to celebrate.

“Coming together with our winners on the day they receive their prize to share their story with the rest of Atlantic Canada is such an exciting day for them and their families, so we knew we needed to continue to make that happen for them,” he said.

Like so many other people across our region, video calls became the go-to way to connect. Peter Douthwaite of Woodstock, N.B. became the first winner ever to have a virtual win celebration after winning $1,018,313 on a Lotto Max ticket he purchased on With the help of a webcam, some confetti cannons and his family members, he was able to recreate the winning experience right in his own living room.


“Even though we weren’t face-to-face, it was so much fun to share that special moment with him and his family over the internet,” Richard said. “People on social media seemed to really like the videos too, it was great to be able to share this good news with everyone.”

The next virtual win celebration featured Scott MacDonald of Sydney, N.S., who won $1 million on Lotto 6/49. Scott’s pure excitement and genuine nature came shining through, proving it’s possible to make a connection with others even when circumstances force us to be apart.


Finally, we got to virtually meet Andrew Boutilier of Timberlea, N.S. – including the actual moment he found out he was our 2Chance grand prize winner of $100,000.


“We’re looking forward to being able to safely celebrate with our winners in person again in the future,” Richard said. “But I’m happy we’ve been able to adapt to these extraordinary circumstances and give winners a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”