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Eight local gifts you can buy for young people (that aren’t lottery tickets)

Every year as we draw near to the holidays, Atlantic Lottery issues a number of reminders that lottery products are not appropriate gifts for those under 19 years of age.

That’s because responsible gambling is a core value at Atlantic Lottery and research has shown a connection between gambling at a young age and the potential for gambling-related concerns later in life. While lottery tickets make a quick and easy gift or stocking stuffer for adults, they should never be gifted to people younger than 19.

We always want to ensure adults will keep this in mind when doing their holiday shopping, so we’ve made a quick list of other gifts available from small local businesses across Atlantic Canada to stuff the stockings of all the young people in your life.

  1. Holiday-themed body and personal care – This time of year, there are always holiday-themed or peppermint-scented versions of the products we need and use all year long to make a practical gift a little more exciting.
  2. Retro candy and treats – Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia? Retro and vintage inspired candies and treats are making a comeback at specialty shops to help you relive your childhood or share memories with your younger family members.
  3. Handmade jewelry – Artists all across Atlantic Canada are making incredible handmade jewelry in every style and at every price point.
  4. Candles – Everyone loves a beautiful candle in their favourite scent. They look great and smell even better. There are hand-poured, beeswax, wooden wicks and so many more options to choose from.
  5. Hot sauce – Now this one may sound a little strange, but hot sauce is all the rage in recent years. With more varieties than ever and numerous local makers across Atlantic Canada, heating up the holidays is easier than ever!
  6. Books – You can never go wrong with an educational gift and there are endless possibilities when it comes to literature. You could buy the latest Young-Adult hit at your locally owned bookstore, or even grab a title from a local author!
  7. Herbal teas – Keep them cozy until spring with some warming herbal teas that come in an endless variety of blends and flavours.
  8. Gift cards – When in doubt, a gift card to a locally owned or small business makes a perfect gift. No matter the amount, you get to give the gift you intended while supporting local businesses. That’s something we can all feel good about.

Look out for the numerous local gift guides that are available in every Atlantic province to find some the products listed above, along with so many others from our own communities. You can also find local businesses to support in your area by searching the web, through social media or by asking your friends and colleagues for their favourite small shops.

Whatever you choose to give the young people in your life, remember that lottery products are never an appropriate gift for those under 19. To learn more about responsible gambling and understanding the risks associated with underage gambling, visit