Could you be a millionaire and not even know it?

by Jennifer Tulk

Don’t you love the feeling of pulling out your winter coat for another season, sliding your hand into the pocket and discovering a forgotten treasure? A five-dollar bill. A lost glove. A favourite lip stick.

Well imagine reaching into that pocket and finding a Lotto 6/49 ticket and realizing it is a $1-million winner!

That’s just what we hope happens for someone this December.

A $1-million Lotto 6/49 guaranteed prize remains unclaimed on a ticket purchased in Charlottetown, P.E.I. for the Dec. 22, 2018 draw. Although it was purchased on Island, the ticket could belong to anyone – maybe someone who was in town doing last-minute shopping or visiting family for the holidays.

Since the draw, Atlantic Lottery has been working to raise awareness and encouraging the potential winner to come forward before their ticket expires on Dec. 22, 2019.

In fact, Atlantic Lottery’s winners team just recently hit the streets in Charlottetown to raise awareness of the unclaimed prize with the hope the winner may come forward.


Christian Richard, Atlantic Lottery’s assistant brand manager for winners, was in Charlottetown and said ensuring that players receive the prizes they are entitled to is the most important thing Atlantic Lottery does.

“We hate to see Atlantic Canadians miss out on prizes,” said Richard. “It’s much more fun to give away prizes and celebrate. We have used both social and traditional media over the past year to raise awareness that a prize is outstanding and to remind players to look for any tickets they may not have checked yet.”

Atlantic Lottery has reached out through Facebook Live during many win celebrations, over Twitter, and has issued news releases to regional media highlighting the unclaimed prize.

To date, no one has come forward to claim the $1-million prize and the ticket expires on Dec. 22.

So check your coat pockets, your desk drawers or anywhere you may have tucked a ticket away. Someone has the winning ticket and you never know, it could just be you!