Bigger jackpots, more opportunities to win Lotto Max

Lotto Max players will soon have a second opportunity each week to enjoy their favourite lottery game – with jackpots that can grow bigger than ever before.

Starting May 14, Tuesday draws will be added to the regular draws on Friday, and the maximum possible jackpot will increase to $70 million (up from $60 million).

Shannon French-Demille has been part of some exciting product developments since joining the Atlantic Lottery team 11 years ago, but the manager of marketing for jackpot and regional games says these changes will generate a lot of buzz, especially as the jackpots reach historic heights.

“When the group of 31 in Newfoundland and Labrador claimed a $60-million Lotto Max jackpot last year we got to see first-hand the type of positive impact a prize that large had on the winners, their families, and their communities,” French-Demille says. “We can’t wait to award another record-setting jackpot in the Atlantic Provinces.”

Players may notice something new when they pick up their tickets for the May 14 draw. The seven numbers – and one bonus number – are going to be drawn from a range of 1 to 50 (instead of a range of 1 to 49). This will give a higher number of possible combinations which, in turn, increases the chance that a jackpot won’t be won in a given draw. French-Demille says the same percentage of money will still go to prizes, but with a greater likelihood of larger jackpots for players who enjoy the chance to dream.

“Lotto Max really does appeal to players who find the bigger jackpots exciting,” she says. “Some will choose to play regularly, but others might decide to play when the jackpot reaches a certain amount. We encourage people to decide what is appropriate for them.”

There will be no change to the cost of a ticket, which will remain at $5 for three selections of seven numbers. There are also brand-new prize categories for matching five out of seven numbers plus the bonus, and for matching four out of seven numbers plus the bonus.

Of course, the $1-million Maxmillions prizes will still be offered when the main jackpot reaches and exceeds $50 million.

The changes were announced in November 2018 following an extensive game design process that included consultation with lottery players across the country.

Lotto Max was introduced in 2009 with a maximum jackpot of $50 million. In 2015, the maximum jackpot was increased to $60 million. Since its launch, Lotto Max players across Canada have won over $17 billion, including 135 jackpot wins and 1,314 Maxmillions prizes.