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Combining human connection and social experiences: Chris Keevill looks to the future as next president and CEO of Atlantic Lottery

Atlantic Lottery has announced Chris Keevill’s appointment as the next President and CEO of Atlantic Lottery. He will officially start in the role on April 1, 2020.

Keevill has spent the formative years of his career working in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. While growing his marketing business, Colour, he split his time between offices in Halifax, Toronto and New York.

He is now looking forward to re-locating to Moncton.

“Atlantic Lottery reaches all four Atlantic provinces and I’ll spend time in each,” he said.

“I like to be where the action is.”

During a meet-and-greet with Atlantic Lottery employees in Halifax this week, Keevill said he sees exciting things ahead for Atlantic Lottery’s future as a competitive, innovative and responsible gaming company.

“Atlantic Lottery is in the midst of a digital transformation, and that’s the challenge I’m most excited to become part of.”

‘That’s where new opportunities happen’

Keevill feels the fundamentals of the business haven’t changed since Atlantic Lottery’s early days, but how products are delivered to players has.

“We are spending more time online and on our mobile phones to do just about everything, but the traditional connection with people is still important. It’s part of the human condition to be social: to meet with people in convenience stores, or coffee shops, in social settings. And that’s a big part of the direction the gaming industry will take.

“The real magic is when we are able to combine human connection and social experiences. That’s where new opportunities happen.”

Community commitment

Atlantic Lottery is committed to delivering on its mandate of returning 100 per cent of profits to its shareholders, but also contributing in other ways to the communities it serves, by supporting important causes and grassroots events around the region each year. Employees are given two paid volunteer days a year to give back to a cause they care about.

“The team at Atlantic Lottery are people who live and work in Atlantic Canada. Their family and children are here. We care deeply about the citizens of Atlantic Canada,” Keevill said.

Keevill has demonstrated his own personal commitment to giving back to his community through his work leading many volunteer organizations, including serving as Director of Canoe ‘09 Legacy Foundation, and Co-Chair of Canoe ‘22 World Championship.