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Atlantic Lottery recognizes and celebrates International Women’s Day

by Jennifer Tulk

On March 8, millions of people all around the globe celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), which honours the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality.

International Women’s Day has occurred for well over a century, with the first IWD gathering in 1911 supported by over a million people. Today, IWD belongs to all groups collectively everywhere and is not specific to any one country, group or organization.

We asked the employees of Atlantic Lottery to reflect on what this day and the campaign theme #EachforEqual means to them. Here are some of those reflections:

“A gender equal world is one which fosters a culture of equality, fairness, comfort, empowerment, trust, opportunity, power, curiosity, diversity, respect, courage, belonging, liberty, creativity, innovation and success. There is equal opportunity to work, grow and innovate. It has an empowering environment that trusts and respects individuals and offers freedom to be creative and flexible. When a woman rises, we all rise. Celebrating women’s achievement will be recognizing her contributions in all small and big ways towards her workplace and community.” – Manisha Gawde, Project Manager


“I believe that given the same opportunities, girls, boys, men, women can excel to achieve anything they set their minds to. I celebrate my achievement by being grateful every day for the opportunities I received and was able to achieve equality in my career. You can lead by example by teaching your children that anything is possible.” – Linda Robichaud, Customer Care Representative


“With so many misconceptions surrounding feminism, it is important that we commit to an ongoing, open conversation and demonstrate that equality is simply a basic human right. Women from all backgrounds and all walks of life deserve the rights and opportunities that they so often have to fight for. At work, at home and beyond, every small action is a step in the right direction. Lift each other up, empower one another and celebrate the women in your life and their accomplishments. Together, we can make change happen.” – Lindsay Meekins, Communications Counsel, External Affairs


“To me personally, I believe equality begins with education and empowerment. Everyone needs to be educated to have a forward kind of thinking and acknowledge that it is possible for anyone to do anything. A woman can do just about anything if given the opportunity.” – Caroline Buzuzi, Customer Care Representative


“As a company and as a society, we can be exponentially more successful by recognizing collective individualism. Sharing our voice and listening to the voices of others, makes us stronger and more powerful. I want to create opportunities where conversations happen, voices get heard and where together we are making a difference.” – Alison Stultz, Vice President, People and Culture


“#EachforEqual – Under the glass and beyond, support is all we need.” – Lee Anne Gibson, Customer Care Representative



“I will continue to be involved and be brave enough to have a voice when disparity is present. We need to celebrate women by using social media to call out achievements, subscribing to and purchasing publications created by feminists.” – Penny Kenny, Manager, Category Sourcing Procurement



“Talking openly about feminism is important; it’s often misunderstood and perceived as an overly political, loaded term. The reality is that it underlies a desire for the social, political and economic equality of the sexes, and we need to help everyone – men, women, and non-binary people, and of all ages – understand that equality is a basic human right. It’s important to underscore that everyone will go about this differently, and there isn’t a wrong way. My contributions include raising an actively feminist son, assuming leadership roles both at work and in the community, and lending time to support other women as they pursue their goals. You don’t need to be revolutionary; small acts every day coalesce to make a difference. Taking the opportunity to do that in a public or formal way goes a step further; lifting women’s accomplishments up so they’re visible to others can be a source of inspiration to many.” – Courtney Pringle-Carver, Vice President, External Affairs