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A year in review, on The Ticket

Atlantic Lottery launched its very own digital newsroom just over a year ago. Named The Ticket, the newsroom offers a behind-the-scenes look into what’s going on at Atlantic Lottery. Here you can find stories about innovative business practices, giving back to communities, helping to inform players and the winning experience.

In celebration of our first official year of The Ticket, here is a look back at our top stories from 2019.

  1. Check your tickets anywhere!

Did you know you can now check your Atlantic Lottery retail tickets with a simple scan of your mobile device? Using the camera on their mobile phones or tablets, players can scan the product bar code to determine whether or not they have a winning ticket.

  1. Using tech for good: ‘You do it because it’s making a difference’

As part of Atlantic Lottery’s Innovation team, Mike Sandalis uses creativity and technology every day to help provide a better experience to our players. Once the work day is over, he’s using those same abilities to make a positive difference for young people dealing with mental health challenges as co-founder of the Moodie app.

  1. Atlantic Lottery receives worldwide recognition for responsible gambling programs

Responsible gambling is woven into the fabric of every game, program, advertisement, promotion and practice offered at Atlantic Lottery. In recognition of these efforts, the corporation was recently recertified at the highest level available to a lottery, a goal Atlantic Lottery has achieved since 2010.

  1. Top 10 Winner’s Celebration Treats

What’s an Atlantic Lottery win celebration without great food? Here is a look at our top 10 most requested treats from our winners!

  1. Stay Informed, Stay Safe

The safety of our players is very important to us. In the past, we have been made aware of various fraudulent attempts using the Atlantic Lottery name to target players. We want to keep Atlantic Canadians informed on how we operate and what players should watch out for to avoid deceptive efforts.

  1. United Way’s Day of Caring holds true to its name for AL employees

While Atlantic Lottery employees donate to United Way through payroll deductions and fundraisers throughout each year, they also like to give their time and labour to the cause.

Each year, Atlantic Lottery assembles a team of employee volunteers from various provinces to give their time for United Way’s Day of Caring; a day to create impact and change across the region.

  1. Atlantic Lottery hits 15 years of responsible online gaming

Did you know? Back in 2004, Atlantic Lottery was the first lottery in North America to sell products online.

PlaySphere, as it was then known, allowed Atlantic Canadians to play all their favourite lottery games online for the first time. Fast forward 15 years, you may be one of the 98,000 Atlantic Canadians who play online at the very same site, now known as

  1. Modernizing mobile: Pro·Line case study

With more than 60 per cent of traffic coming through mobile rather than the desktop systems it was designed for, Atlantic Lottery knew it was time to modernize the Pro·Line website. The status quo was not an option and we would need to think differently to bring about real, meaningful change for players.

  1. New Brunswick couple feeling festive after $200,000 Countdown win

Diane Tweedie was too excited to wait for the holiday season before scratching her Countdown Scratch’N Win ticket. She asked the retail clerk to “pick out a good one,” and as it turns out, she did.

  1. Building Communities – Why does Atlantic Lottery partner with United Way?

Atlantic Lottery is made up of people who are proud to contribute to the communities we all call home, at work and beyond. United Way is Atlantic Lottery’s charity of choice because of core values shared by the people at both organizations.