$668K online progressive jackpot win ends N.B. woman’s weekend on a high note

It was late on a Sunday night when Colette Savoie of Tabusintac, N.B. thought she should soon wind down for the night. She was playing MegaJackpots Cleopatra on when she noticed the hour and decided it was time for bed.

Just then, Savoie’s evening took a turn she never could have expected.

“All of a sudden, the screen changes and this big announcement comes on that I won a jackpot,” Savoie said. “I thought, ‘No, that can’t be right. This game is being played all across Canada, I can’t be the winner here in New Brunswick.’”

MegaJackpots Cleopatra is an online casino game that offers a Canada-wide progressive jackpot. Savoie was correct that people were playing all across the country, but she was in fact the winner of the jackpot worth a whopping $668,097.50.

“My husband didn’t believe I could have won it on my phone. He said, ‘It can’t be. You don’t win that on your phone,’” Savoie said. “I told him there was a lady somewhere else in New Brunswick who did win a little bit more than me so I knew it could be true.”

Beckie Morrell of Saint John was the other New Brunswicker Savoie had heard about winning. Morrell took home $759,518 thanks to winning the progressive jackpot on MegaJackpots Golden Goddess just a few months prior.

After 38 years of full-time nursing, Savoie retired, but returned to work shortly after on a casual basis to help fill the need for nurses in her community. Savoie says she knows that she should start to slow down soon, but for now, her win doesn’t change the way she feels about working and will continue to do so.

Savoie plans to use her prize money to invest, save for her grandchildren’s education and donate to some causes close to her heart. She also intends to cross a few items off her bucket list, including building a new deck equipped with a hot tub, travelling and while she originally thought she would buy a Sea-Doo, she may instead opt for a small boat so she can enjoy being on the water with others.

Savoie played MegaJackpots Cleopatra on Atlantic Lottery is the only 100 per cent legal and government-regulated provider of online gambling and sports-betting products in Atlantic Canada.