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Awards for Atlantic Lottery

We’re proud of the work we do! Our marketing teams were recently recognized by their peers at the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) and at La Fleur’s Lottery World for their outstanding work.
Atlantic Lottery received both a Batchy Award and a Hickey Award during NASPL’s annual conference in September,

Atlantic Lottery's Scott Eagles was on-site to receive the 2018 Fleurry award.

Modernizing mobile: Pro·Line case study

When undergoing a recent modernization of its Pro·Line website,, Atlantic Lottery was faced with a challenge. They knew status quo was not an option. How could they think differently to bring about real and meaningful change for players?
“Pro·Line really operates in a competitive environment.

Community Proud

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Festivals and events: Because it matters to communities

One of Atlantic Lottery’s reasons for being is to give back to the communities they serve. After all, the corporation returns 100% of profits to its provincial shareholders.
But another way it gives back is by giving directly to festivals and events of all types and sizes across Atlantic Canada.

Giving Back with United Way

United Way has been Atlantic Lottery’s corporate charity of choice since 1993. What exactly does that mean?
It means…

Atlantic Lottery has a dedicated committee of employees who volunteer to raise funds for their local United Way, across all four Atlantic Provinces. These employees dedicate their time to various fundraisers and campaigns throughout the year that consistently see a strong response.

Responsible & Regulated

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Don’t buy lottery tickets for minors

With the holidays fast approaching, Atlantic Lottery would like to remind adults that scratch tickets and other lottery products are not appropriate gifts for minors.
“Lottery tickets can be great last-minute gifts for the adults in your life, but not for anyone under the age of 19,” said Denise Pettis,

Finding solutions, one call at a time

Lee Anne Gibson is a problem solver.
A 23-year employee of Atlantic Lottery, she’s worked 12 of those years as a representative in the Customer Care Centre. Also known as the CCC, the team of about 50 Moncton-based employees fields calls, emails and social media posts from retailers,


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What do you mean lottery prizes go unclaimed?

Every day Atlantic Lottery awards an average of 90,000 prizes – both big and small – to Atlantic Canadians.
Whenever there is a big win in Atlantic Canada, it’s plastered on Atlantic Lottery’s website, shared on social media, talked about on the radio and even included in the newspaper.

Stacy and Sheri Wood, winners in more ways than one

Nova Scotia’s recent Set for Life top prize winners Stacy and Sheri Wood are no strangers to the winning experience.
The classic car enthusiasts are regular participants in competitions across Atlantic Canada. Winning various prestigious awards at Atlantic Nationals for more than four consecutive years, the couple have had their fair share of “wins”.